I read “The Love Garden” in one night. It was that good! I loved how strongly and fluidly David Blackburn writes, and how right away I was a part of the story, and that it was almost like we are right there as everything is happening. I love when books make you feel like that, as opposed to being on the outside looking in. The pace was fast, but at the same time it was carefully detailed and I loved the interspersing of the literary, poetic parts that make you feel like you are ‘experiencing’ the book, not just ‘reading’ it…. almost like a stream of consciousness style narrative. It definitely took some interesting and unexpected turns along the way, and I loved that it was never predictable! An enjoyable, unique story that will appeal to fans of women’s fiction, erotic romance, and suspense/ drama. (5 stars) April Dawn

April Dawn

Truthfully I didn’t really know what to expect with this book, as the description didn’t really pull me in, but I ended up really liking it! I read the first 60% in one sitting (darn those pesky kids and dinnertime!) and I thought the author David Blackburn did such a wonderful job with the characters and the descriptions. I felt that while there could have been a bit more or a deeper development there, it was enough for us to feel an emotional connection and invest in the outcome. I like that I was never really sure what would happen next… a sign of a good writer! I hate when it’s obvious and cliché, and there was none of that here. Although at times I do feel there was a certain “shallowness” to the story and mundane events were given too much focus or attention to detail, it is this same lighthearted tone that helps to carry the story forward and balance out the more intense and deeper emotional and philosophical conflicts. An enjoyable novel overall and one I’d recommend to others. (4-5 stars) Sam Ryan

Sam Ryan

This was such a fun, weird, and disturbing book to read! I really liked the author’s unique writing voice and the relationships that unfold throughout the course of the book. I thought it was well-written and very dramatic. Definitely more on the darker side, but with some light and sweet moments as well. I like that it doesn’t take itself too serious, yet is engaging enough to keep my interest from beginning to end. The story is enticing and entertaining, and I liked how it all wrapped up in the end… didn’t see that coming! (4 stars) Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews

This novel reads like a steamy, x-rated soap opera! And I mean that in a good way :-). So much drama and what an emotional roller coaster! So many crazy things happen I feel like this could be a movie. Although there were some parts that I thought weren’t really necessary and slowed down the pace some, overall it was well done and was a lot hotter than I expected it to be. There is much more to this story than just some sex and violence, although that does play a pretty central role, but one with intelligent interweaving plotlines that will keep you hooked through the end. A powerful, memorable read. Will be looking for more books by Mr. Blackburn in the future. (4 stars) Stacy Decker

Stacy Decker

The Love Garden” is a great read and the author David Blackburn does a wonderful job of keeping me invested in the story and the characters. We are on the edge wondering about how things will develop and taken by surprise at some twists and turns. I enjoyed reading it and it kept me entertained all the way through. The characters had great chemistry, and I liked how easy it was to read this book, and the dialogue was genuine and moved the story forward well.. It is very well written, and although there were some slow parts that were kind of boring, most of the scenes flowed well from one to the next and everything came together nicely in the end. He does a great job with descriptions too, so we really picture everything perfectly. (3-4 stars) Claire Middleton

Claire Middleton

The Love Garden” by David Blackburn was an engaging, emotionally-driven, and sexxxy read! I consumed this novel over the course of just a few nights (fast for me!) and when I reached the end I was almost hoping there was another book to follow. But this appears to be a standalone (not part of a series) and everything wraps up nicely. It was fascinating watching the relationships between the characters unfold the way it did. The writing is very good, very descriptive and done with a nice balance of narrative and dialogue. Highly Recommend for some spicy, dark reading! (4 stars) Kaylee Stevens

Kaylee Stevens

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when reading this book, and honestly the title and the cover had me wondering… , but within a few pages I knew that I would be really interested in reading this book “The Love Garden” by David Blackburn and I was right! There were so many riveting events that just kept me glued to the pages, as I was able to experience someone else’s life night after night (from a safe distance, fortunately). Loved how David Blackburn writes… ranging from humorous to serious, and just has such an easy, natural feel to it… you just don’t want to put it down. An unusually interesting and provocative novel with amazing personal and character development and a powerful, dark, and tragic literary journey. (4 stars) Anabella Johnson

Anabella Johnson

To say this is totally unlike anything I’ve ever read before would be an understatement! I’m not sure how to even describe this book as so much happens, and it seems to touch on so many elements, themes, and subjects. It is intelligently and coherently written as the author covers a myriad of topics from abuse to friendship and relationships, to murder… and gardening ;), and almost everything in between! I think that you need to take your time while reading it to really grasp everything the author is saying, as it will require some deeper thought and reasoning at certain points. But one of the better written and more engaging books I’ve read in a long while. Has some salacious parts, but nothing too gratuitous. Highly recommend for fans of psychological thrillers and drama. (5 stars) Darlene Cupp

Darlene Cupp

This book was amazing. After an admittedly slowish start for me (way too much backstory and set up) I soon found myself wrapped up in this interesting world, and the lives of the doomed characters. I liked it for so many different reasons, first the writing was stellar. The strong word choice and fluid prose makes it a very easy book to sink into. There are enough descriptions where you can picture everything perfectly, but not so much that it bogs down the pacing. It’s like a crazy soap opera, except in a weird, surreal way it feels really real. This almost seems like it could be a movie or a miniseries… A great read, one I recommend without reservation. (4-5 stars) Tabitha Parks

Tabitha Parks

I am honestly surprised at how much I really liked this book, and the more time that passes, the more I think I like it… I finished it last week, but it is really sticking with me for some reason. The way the author David Blackburn writes it is totally captivating, his style is easy, yet totally engaging –This is a longer book but I read it in two nights flat. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next I was wrong, and I loved that – hate predictable books, and this one wasn’t. My only real complaint was that I thought some of the more pivotal and important points of the book were a bit rushed or glossed over, (like Carly’s bath at the end) I would have liked to see more detail and depth. Otherwise was very good. (4 stars) Essie Harmon

Essie Harmon