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Truthfully I didn’t really know what to expect with this book, as the description didn’t really pull me in, but I ended up really liking it! I read the first 60% in one sitting (darn those pesky kids and dinnertime!) and I thought the author David Blackburn did such a wonderful job with the characters and the descriptions. I felt that while there could have been a bit more or a deeper development there, it was enough for us to feel an emotional connection and invest in the outcome. I like that I was never really sure what would happen next… a sign of a good writer! I hate when it’s obvious and cliché, and there was none of that here. Although at times I do feel there was a certain “shallowness” to the story and mundane events were given too much focus or attention to detail, it is this same lighthearted tone that helps to carry the story forward and balance out the more intense and deeper emotional and philosophical conflicts. An enjoyable novel overall and one I’d recommend to others. (4-5 stars) Sam Ryan

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