April Dawn

February 15, 2018 4:52 am Published by

I read “The Love Garden” in one night. It was that good! I loved how strongly and fluidly David Blackburn writes, and how right away I was a part of the story, and that it was almost like we are right there as everything is happening. I love when books make you feel like that, as opposed to being on the outside looking in. The pace was fast, but at the same time it was carefully detailed and I loved the interspersing of the literary, poetic parts that make you feel like you are ‘experiencing’ the book, not just ‘reading’ it…. almost like a stream of consciousness style narrative. It definitely took some interesting and unexpected turns along the way, and I loved that it was never predictable! An enjoyable, unique story that will appeal to fans of women’s fiction, erotic romance, and suspense/ drama. (5 stars) April Dawn

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