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The Story begins disturbingly with the abuse of a child from the father and the mother. The child Carly tells her mother of the abuse and she does not believe her. Carly can’t wait to embark out on her own and exact revenge.

Men are drawn to Carly as she has grown up to become very beautiful and is intelligent. She starts her own life but brings her anger and scars of the past with her. She seems fated to never finding love or a solid relationship.

Jeff and Carly meet and sexual tension builds. Jeff is successful, smart and a womanizer. Carly acts very mysterious and odd with hard to explain behavior He reunites with his long lost brother Tim, and does not want to introduce him to Carly just yet.

The book is very suspenseful, with high tensions and strong emotions right up to the very end.

The cover is erotic and fluid.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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